Waterhouse Class


We are so looking forward to spending the whole year teaching and learning together. Here are a few things that you can work on at home if you wish which would make your work even better than it already is.



Pencil grip

BBC: bottom back in chair

TNT: tummy near table (but leave room to breathe!)

Click here for some letter guidance (this is the guidance we use – thanks to Medlock Primary School for uploading). If you’re using normal lined paper just keep an eye on the spacing to make sure letters are tall/short and have tails/lines under the line or not.

Times tables

Your goal is to make sure you know all of your times tables up to 12×12 (see the attached sheet) by the end of the first half term. Once you think you know a times tables ask an adult to test you with a few questions every so often to check that you really do know them.  We also know how much you love singing and if you search on the internet there are lots of websites where you can find songs to use in order to learn them. This is also a good website to use to learn them.


From Mrs Waller and Mrs Marks